The first book on the work of Ingegerd Råman

A personal portrait of design:
The first book on the work of world famous
glass and ceramics designer Ingegerd Råman

The first book on Ingegerd Råman is now being released. In the book, the internationally renowned designer tells her own personal story of her life and work.
Langenskiöld Publishing proudly presents the first book on Ingegerd Råman, one of Sweden´s most internationally renowned designers. Mrs. Råman tells her own personal story, without beginning or end, of her life and work as a designer of glass and ceramics over the past 40 years.
The editor of the book, Journalist and Art Critic Lena From, also share with the reader her own reflections on Mrs. Råman’s radical and, from time to time, criticized designs.

– Ingegerd Råman’s design is often described as being timeless and minimal. But simplicity also entails complexity. Her objects couples functionality and aesthetics in an inseparable union. Sometimes has her embracement of industrial design also been provocative, says Mrs. From.

Distinguishing for Ingegerd Råman´s glass and ceramic works are the multi-functionality and versatility of the objects, as they could be combined, stacked, disassembled, and put back together again. Ted Hesselbom, Creative Director at
Hesselboms Universum, has collaborated with Ingegerd Råman on several projects involving young audiences.

– Ingegerd Råman is continually finding new audiences. I believe young people primarily are attracted to the radical expressions of her design, says Mr. Hesselbom.

The images of the book are taken by the photographers Nicho Södling and Pål Allan, among others.